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ASiManager-AT Agglutination Analyzer


An integrated digital particle analyzer designed to objectively interpret the ASI RPR Card Test for Syphilis, other ASI serology tests, and the SureVue RPR


Diamedix Accessories for DSX and DS2 Automated ELISA System


For use with DSX and DS2 automated ELISA systems


Diamedix Accessories for MAGO Plus and MAGO 4S Automated Immunoassay System


For use with MAGO 4S and MAGO Plus Automated Immunoassay Systems


Diamedix Dilution Cups for MAGO Plus and MAGO 4S Automated Immunoassay System


For use with MAGO Plus and MAGO 4S automated immunoassay systems


Diamedix Dri-Dye Check Strips


Dri-Dye™ Check Strips

  • Each kit comes with Calibration charts, linearity plots and repeatability records, six prefilled strips and a reusable strip tray for use with plate readers
  • Strips simulate true test conditions better than neutral density filters by providing information about filtering capacity
  • Simply add water, read and compare results to pre-determined acceptance criteria
  • Long shelf life at room temperature
  • NIST traceable absorbance calibration
  • Wavelengths available 405, 450 and 492nm

Diamedix DSX and DS2 Automated ELISA System Software


LIS-Link software for DSX and DS2 to connect to interface


Diamedix DSX Automated ELISA System Incubator Module


Each DSX Automated ELISA System can hold up to 4 incubators


Diamedix Dynex DS2 Automated ELISA System


Designed specifically for labs needing a 2-plate system

Dynex DS2™ – a walk-away ELISA processing system designed specifically for lower-throughput labs

  • All you need to ensure rigorous, repeatable analyses that deliver accurate results
  • Quickly and easily processes two 96-well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously
  • Features user friendly control system, chain of custody and instrument diagnostics
  • Open system is ideal for any ELISA application

Delivers sample-in/results-out automation of microplate assays

  • Sample dilution and distribution
  • Incubation, washing and reagent dispensing
  • Reading with automatic data reduction and quality control
  • Automatic bar-code scanning

Intuitive, easy-to-use software

  • Feature-rich and groundbreaking in its process automation
  • Simple, graphical interface means any lab technician can use with DS2 with minimal training

Ingenious hardware design

  • Designed for efficiency and reliability
  • Few moving parts – one multi-function robot arm does everything from pipetting to operating the bar-code reader
  • Vertical design and multi-plate carrier save space, enabling a minimal footprint

Diamedix Dynex DSX Automated ELISA System


Dynex DSX™ – simple to install, set up and use

  • Installation, programming, assay set up and daily maintenance are all designed to keep focus on the results, not on the instrument

Easy to use

  • Graphical user interface based on intuitive Windows™-based operation
  • On-screen help available at eachs tep of setting up or programming assays
  • The Worklist Load Wizard walks users through DSX Worklist set-up indicating graphically where to place reagents, samples and plate
  • Modular, easy to replace incubators, reader, washer and barcode reader


  • 4 buffers
  • Up to 2 incubator modules for 37-50°C incubations
  • 8 second cycle time per sample
  • Strip synchronization – programs modified to counteract drift
  • Open system – Diamedix programs included, other can be run in parallel
  • Supports infectious disease testing requiring tips


  • Alarms for“Wash Buffer Low”and“Waste Full”
  • Liquid level check alarms; tip, foam, bubble and clot detection


  • Uses inexpensive tips made of white polyethylene, not carbon filled black tips
  • Uses only 2 tips per sample and tracks tip inventory to eliminate waste
  • Tracks dilution well useage; uses 8-well dilution strips to minimize wasted wells

Diamedix MAGO 4S Automated Immunoassay System


The MAGO 4S provides laboratories infinite possibilities in ELISA and IFA testing

Performance Flexibility

  • Simultaneous ELISA/IFA test processing doubles result output
  • Simultaneous Diamedix/Reagent Partner processing improves workflow
  • Performs serial two-fold dilutions, reducing labor intensity

Reliable Service

  • Self-cleans/calibrates daily minimizes maintenance
  • Avoid aborted runs using pre-assay plate/reagent volume check

Expanded Functionality

  • Windows XP™ software provides inverse curve capability
  • Full color screen helps simplify setup

Diamedix MAGO Calibration Check Kits


For use with the MAGO Plus and MAGO 4S automated immunoassay systems


Diamedix MAGO Plus Automated Immunoassay System


Program up to 120 samples for up to 9 simultaneous assays

Diamedix™ MAGO™ Plus

  • True walkaway automation
  • Precisely controlled timing intervals
  • Maximum washing efficiency – each well within a strip is washed multiple times employing a unique, 8-channel manifold
  • On-screen graphic display of reagent, sample and test setup
  • On-screen results can be printed and archived
  • 20 open, user-programmable channels
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Comprehensive quality control
  • Remarkable test adaptability
  • Practical for use in both small and large volume laboratories