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Foss Hydrocaps For Soxtec and Soxhlet Extraction Systems


For use in Hydrotec when final extraction is on Soxhlet, Soxtec 2050 or 2055 extraction systems


Foss Soxtec


  • System has hydrolysis unit, extraction unit and hydrocaps
  • Simplified process for total fat analysis
  • Improves safety and reduces cost

Hydrotec™ 8000 Hydrolysis Unit

  • Performs acid hydrolysis prior to solvent extraction
  • Holds two 6-place sample holders with folding action
  • Automatic addition and rinsing of sample
  • No touching or mixing of samples is ensured with batch handling tools
  • Sample size: 0

Foss Soxtec 8000 Extraction Systems for Extractable Matter

Specifications Includes 6 Position, One Basic Unit, One Control Unit, One set of Accessories; (Accessories Include: 3 sets glass extraction


Koehler Instrument LPG Copper Strip Corrosion Test Cylinder and Accessories


This product(s) resides on a Fisher Scientific GSA or VA contract