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Humboldt Penetration Needles for Penetrometer


  • Material: Standard hardened stainless-steel needle
  • Exposed needle length: 1

Koehler Instrument Penetrometer


  • Precision machined and ruggedly constructed to ensure long service life in both laboratory and field applications
  • Full penetration range of 0 to 62mm with 1/10mm subdivisions (0 to 620 penetration scale)
  • Accommodates cones and needles to perform all of the ASTM tests on lubricating greases, asphalts, petroleum waxes and petrolatums
  • Compact design allows for easy transport
  • Head assembly adjusts for accurate placement of the tip of the needle or cone on the surface of the sample
  • Sturdy cast-iron base provides excellent support and has a built-in spirit level and level screws to ensure proper alignment of the penetrometer during testing
  • L x W x H: 15 x 15 x 46cm (6 x 6 x 18 in

Koehler Microprocessor Based Digital Penetrometer


Microprocessor based penetrometer loaded with advanced features to provide ease of operation and highly reproducible consistency measurements of petroleum products


Koehler Microprocessor-Based Digital Penetrometer


User-friendly Operation

  • Separate keypad controls for each parameter
  • Choice of programmable or full manual operation using coarse and fine push-button controls Can also be programmed with four sample surface height presets, automatically timed penetration measurements and test intervals, and a curing or temperature stabilization period for delayed penetrator release Memory stores selected parameters for automatic use in subsequent tests until changed by user Built-in circuit senses sample surface for automatic placement when testing electronically conductive samples
  • Audible signal and visual error messages
  • Test results can be communicated to a printer or computer via a built-in RS-232 interface

Other Features

  • Built-in magnifier and illuminator arms
  • Large digital display located on head of unit displays all functions, countdown of penetration and delay intervals, and test results
  • Detachable machined base with large platform accommodates many sizes of sample containers or constant temperature cylinders
  • Optional Software Package provides additional features; see 14-210-36 at bottom


Conforms to all ASTM™, IP, ISO 9001, and related specifications